Viva la Viscious Vixen
  • Viva La Viscious Vixen BIO

    Viva trained on the streets of Elizabeth, New Jersey skating fast and furious as dirtbag pervs chased her down the streets. It was here where mastered her famous pitbull bite and would viciously tear into the chasers who were no match for Viva's speed. Viva grew up with the need for speed and spent her days and nights skating and partying at the roller discos. But she wanted to grab girl's hair and knock em to the ground instead of skate by them gracefully. After realizing that roller discos were too tame Viva joined a rollerderby team, the Jersey Jewels where she was able to unleash the viscious vixen.

  • Dislikes

    Rules, Clean Fun, Girls that look like Men.

  • Likes

    Red Wine, The Blues, White Rimmed Tires, PIt Bulls, Chicken Fights, Eye Poking, Biting.